About WP Suspension

WP Suspension is able to count on decades of experience and expertise to provide that essential upgrade for handling when a motorcyclist needs the very best performance and reliability from the technology in their hands. Whether it’s the acute demands of a race or simply for a rider who wants to explore the limits of what a dirtbike can do then the Austrian-based firm has been the go-to choice for professionals and those who dream of being so. The core values of WP Suspension are embedded in performance and innovation: two essential words that will ring true with any biker.

Over 300 FIM World titles testify to WP Suspension’s solutions and knowledge to take athletes to the very top while innovations like the TRAX system and the Cone Valve technology instill the belief that optimum material and function is what really matters.

When it comes to racing then WP Suspension and their collaborations with entities like the KTM Factory Racing teams have been prolific in their results and efforts whether Dakar, Enduro, Supercross, MXGP and now podium presence in MotoGP. With our new WP PRO COMPONENTS anyone can make their motorcycle into a ride that will provide the necessary edge in competition.

Like our customers we are fast. If a WP product is in stock then it can be packaged and sent within 24 hours of the order being placed. Distribution channels include 90 Authorized Centers in 26 countries but expansion is continual, and this is a proactive element of the new phase of WP’s customer care and attention priorities.

With WP never before has a rider had the power, backup and resources to extract the upmost of their motorcycle’s capabilities. Now they can. Take the chance, take the opportunity: GET IN FRONT.