WP Technology

AER Technology
The AER technology significantly reduces the overall weight. In addition, the AER system allows an uncomplicated optimization of the damping performance and adaptation to the track without opening the fork.
Closed Cartrigde
By compartmentalizing the damping system on CLOSED CARTRIDGE forks, it is possible to reduce the oil volume. Pressure in the system prevents cavitation and ensures reliable damping performance in demanding track conditions.
Cone Valve
The CONE VALVE technology improves the turbulence-free oil flow through the damping piston by using a conical valve. This results in a much better response and a lower initial breakaway torque.
Linked Damping System
The LINKED DAMPING technology optimizes the progression of the entire shock absorber via a linkage attached to the swing arm. This enables perfect grip and sufficient damping reserves.
Open Cartridge
Due to the increased oil volume in the damping system, the OPEN CARTRIDGE technology enables optimized heat dissipation with reduced friction. This ensures constant damping performance despite increased stress.
Progressive Damping System
PROGRESSIVE DAMPING technology generates a progressive damping characteristic with increased damping performance in the last third of the suspension travel, resulting in a reduction in weight and maintenance.
SUPERTRAX technology perfects the TRAX System. SUPERTRAX detects missing ground contact and enables faster rebound by opening a bypass oil valve. The rider has 100% control over the speed of the rebound movement thanks to fully variable adjustment of the rebound damping.
Trax Technology
The TRAX technology detects missing ground contact and enables a faster rebound by opening a bypass oil valve. Traction and acceleration are improved and handling is optimized.