WP Suspension is on a mission to provide riders with the most innovative race-driven technology to perform at the highest level. We are delighted to introduce to the market the new XACT PRO 7548 Fork and the XACT PRO 8950 Shock for the Honda motocross range. For all the ambitious riders seeking to experience top-level performance at the racetrack, the new 2022 PRO COMPONENTS for Honda have been designed with the highest precision and premium materials.

The new XACT PRO 7548 Fork incorporates state-of-the-art technology to help you overcome your most demanding ride. Due to the installed WP CONE VALVE Technology and a variety of adjustment options, your machine is perfectly adapted to the rider’s needs. The WP CONE VALVE Technology guarantees a consistent damping performance with high breakthrough resistance after a strong hit. Combined with the WP CLOSED CARTRIDGE Technology, established in professional motorsport by the most successful racing teams in the world, the result is a unique riding experience with a significant increase in comfort without giving up direct feedback and dynamic manoeuvres.
Main features

• More confidence in your ride and increased comfort due totransparent damping characteristics
• Lightweight construction due to CNC-milled High-tech materials
• Extreme longevity due to the use of only high-quality materials
• All settings can be adjusted externally and flexibly
• No Loss-of-Damping but improved feedback with CONE VALVE Technology
• Constant damping performance due to CLOSED CARTRIDGE Technology

The XACT PRO 8950 Shock has the focus on getting the maximum performance on the track and improving the physical relief of the rider, which helps with the reduction of fatigue symptoms. Thanks to WP SUPERTRAX Technology, the rear wheel is back in the dirt faster, ready to overcome any obstacle with more power, traction and control over the bike. Equipping the LINKED DAMPING SYSTEM and SUPERTRAX TECHNOLOGY to increase the control and comfort of the bike, and dominate every section of the track. For those riders who want to get the best and the most out of the ride and improve in every lap at the racetrack.

Main features

• High-quality, friction-optimized components reduce maintenance requirements
• Improved acceleration due to significantly increased rear wheel grip
and traction
• Extreme durability due to the use of high-tech materials
• The physical relief of the rider leads to a reduction of fatigue symptoms
• Handcrafted with premium materials
• Low and high-speed settings

The XACT PRO COMPONENTS for Honda will fit the following models:

Honda:  CRF250R MY2022, CRF450R MY2021, CRF450R MY2022

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