At WP Suspension, we are proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking PRO COMPONENTS tailored specifically for the new KTM 990 DUKE – the APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge and the APEX PRO 6746 Shock. These cutting-edge suspension upgrades epitomize precision, control, and the ultimate riding experience.

Focus on the first corner, continuous pressure on the throttle, the rubber finds its grip crushing on the asphalt. Every bump is swallowed by 100% motorsport technology. Every wrinkle of the road transferred to the rider in the form of the most direct feedback in the game. WP APEX PRO COMPONENTS are moulded by the influence and experience of first-class MotoGP™ riders and their teams and have celebrated for their superiority in every class.

APEX PRO 6746 Shock:

Crafted for perfection and meticulously adapted to the unique demands of the KTM 990 DUKE, the APEX PRO 6746 Shock takes shock absorber technology to new heights. Drawing from years of motorsport expertise, this shock absorber promises excellence in damping, control, and unadulterated riding pleasure. With a plethora of adjustment options, riders can finely tune the shock absorber to suit any track, ensuring optimal performance in every driving situation. The APEX PRO 6746 Shock’s exceptional spring performance and rapid rebound provide unparalleled control, while the enlarged nitrogen tank guarantees consistent damping performance, preventing overheating for a flawless ride.

Technical Features:

– Adjustable high-speed compression damping

– Adjustable low-speed compression damping

– Adjustable rebound damping

– Adjustable spring preload

– Excellent cooling properties

– Consistent performance

– Greater comfort

APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge:

Engineered with a singular goal – dominating the Middleweight class track records – the APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge redefines performance with exceptional damping capabilities and unparalleled responsiveness. This fully adjustable open cartridge system, made from top-tier materials, offers riders enhanced control and expanded tuning options. With adjustable spring preload, rebound damping, and compression damping, the APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge ensures peak performance and responsiveness, delivering the ultimate handling prowess for the ride of your dreams.

Technical Features:

– Adjustable spring preload

– Adjustable rebound damping

– Adjustable compression damping

– Greater stability

– Improved damping behaviour

– Improved and calmer ride

– Greater comfort

Front fork springs need to be ordered separately*

The APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge with article number A607C126X001220 and APEX PRO 6746 Shock with article number A607C426X313220 are available nowand will fit the following modes:


– 990 DUKE 2024-

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