THE damper for the most demanding track and street rider

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Technical Data

46 mm

Piston Rod

18 mm

  • spring preload
  • high-speed compression damping
  • length
  • low-speed compression damping
  • rebound damping
Technical Description

APEX PRO stands for pure, concentrated motorsport - distilled from decades of racing experience and in cooperation with current racing title holders. These ingredients are used to create the new WP APEX PRO 7746 SHOCK, which is tailor-made with the highest precision for your bike. The extremely low weight high-tech materials bring motorsport demands to the road. The suspension characteristics of the WP APEX PRO 7746 SHOCK can be easily adjusted to almost any situation by means of the separate high- and low-speed compression and rebound settings. Due to precise manufacturing tolerances, your suspension now delivers maximum precision and a direct feedback in every driving situation.

  • This is the damper for the most demanding track and street riders
  • The good ground contact makes you feel more confident, you can brake later and accelerate more quickly
  • Braking later and accelerating more quickly is not just important on a race track, it also improves your riding flow on nice curvy roads
  • This suspension puts your engine power where you want it - on the road
  • This damper is based on the big valve technology and ensures the best handling you could ever wish for
  • It can be fully adjusted and with its great adjustment potential, can be completely rebuilt and altered according to your requirements
  • Friction-optimized bushings and high quality seals
  • Newly developed SCS big valve system


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