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Closed Cartrigde
The CLOSED CARTRIDGE technology is a closed system that reduces friction, keeps damping constant and improves responsiveness.
Technical Data

23 mm

Piston Rod

12 mm

  • compression damping
  • spring preload
  • rebound damping
Technical Description

The WP APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge can be installed in your original OEM front fork outer tube. The cartridge system greatly improves the performance and response of your front end. The WP APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge has an internal reservoir and, by putting the oil in this reservoir under pressure, the damping is much more consistent. Developed for racing, the cartridge system has no hydraulic stroke limitation, meaning that the pilot can continually control the damping properties. The system can be fully adjusted externally. The use of high quality, lightweight material substantially reduces the weight of the original fork. The WP APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge guarantees best performance for race-oriented motorcyclists and professional racers. The individual damping properties can be finely and individually tuned with the fully adjustable compression and rebound damping. The WP Road Competiton Cartridge was developed to be used in the German International Championship (IDM) and adapted to work on many road models.

  • Advanced Closed Cartridge technology suitable to retrofitting
  • High performance and good response in any situation
  • More confidence at all times due to good ground contact
  • All aluminium parts CNC - machined and anodized
  • Fully adjustible with standard tools
  • Reduces tyre abrasion and improves the handling generally

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