The WP XPLOR PRO 7500 Cartridge is designed to deliver top-tier performance and redefine your riding experience. It incorporates the latest motorsport know-how and features advanced technologies to enhance damping performance and consistency.
One of the key features of the WP XPLOR PRO 7500 Cartridge is the built-in WP CLOSED CARTRIDGE TECHNOLOGY. This technology utilizes pressurized compartments within the cartridge to ensure consistent damping performance. By separating the oil and gas chambers, it prevents cavitation and loss of damping, even during rapid and repeated impacts. This means that the suspension will maintain optimal performance throughout demanding motorsport conditions.
Additionally, the cartridge incorporates CONE VALVE Technology. This technology utilizes a unique valving system that controls oil flow through a cone-shaped valve. The CONE VALVE design provides precise and progressive damping characteristics, allowing the suspension to effectively absorb both small and large impacts. This results in improved handling, traction, and stability, allowing drivers to push the limits on the track.